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The commitment of the brand is the production of top-quality CBD products that will have the most benefit to the consumers. Their products include topical creams, edibles, and vape juices are of premium quality, and the best there is on the market.

All the hemp is from Northern California, Colorado, and Kentucky. The hemp is then rigorously tested to make sure of safety and quality through and through. The brand has a close relationship with the manufacturers to ensure what they get is the best. 


Conventional wisdom dictates that the most healthy foods do not taste good, but that is not the case with some of the Core CBD products. Their natural CBD gummies are delicious and some of the most potent. It is not such a bad thing if what you are consuming is also enjoyable in terms of taste. 

Their products do not have THC, and you won’t have to worry about couch lock, inactivity, and drowsiness. They help reduce stress, anxiety, as well as minor aches and pains. The container of CBD gummies contains up to 40 pieces, which is pretty much enough to get the most benefit. 

They are full-spectrum CBD products that only have trace amounts of THC, not enough to cause any adverse effects on the brain. The amounts are within the allowable quantity in the US. 

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