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The family-owned and operated Brand from Colorado prides itself on producing the best CBD products on the market. 

Quality, affordability, and transparency are at the center of the brand’s focus. GoGreen believe that it is their responsibility to educate the masses on the benefits of CBD. According to them, it is also their goal to help consumers find relief and satisfaction. 

All the hemp products come from The Colorado State Department of Agriculture’s registered farm. You can see their passion for products such as tinctures and delicious edibles, among others. They are a company that stands behind their products.

The Colorado farms from which they source the hemp uses cultivation processes of the highest standards. The main goal is to have the purest CBD products on the market to the benefit of consumers. All the products must meet there GoGreen Gold Standard for quality and purity. 

Their Helping Hand Program is dedicated to helping veterans living with long-term disabilities. Anyone who qualifies gets up to 20% off on all products. They believe that hemp products can change the world. 


GoGreen has an extensive line of CBD products that include gel capsules, wax crumble, oil drops, candies, dog chews, and balms. Their CBD Orange Oil Drops are all-natural, and you can use them by mouth or in food and drinks. The flavor is a blend of coconut oil and orange to give a good creamsicle taste. One drop of the tincture is enough for pain relief and insomnia. 

Their CBD gel capsules are in an easy to swallow format and have predictable results. The water-soluble technology used improves bioavailability. That means you can experience the benefits sooner than later. The consistent potency and purity of the GoGreen CBD edibles are quite notable. They are fruit-flavored and vegan gummies, among others, to give the consumers some good options. 

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