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Initially, Jozuri was making CBD products for their own use, and they were thrilled with the results. They put their own body to the test before sharing them with friends and family. Word of mouth eventually saw many requests coming in for refills. All the positive results drove their popularity to unprecedented levels.

The internationally designed CBD products use CBD at every stage of processing. It means that CBD is in every step to ensure that you only get the best by reducing the separation process. 

Quality is at the center of the manufacturing process. Additionally, there is comprehensive testing to make sure that you get nothing but the best. Among the third-party lab tests include the potency analysis to quantify the amount of the major cannabinoids in the CBD products. Residual solvent analysis detects any compounds or chemicals that may be left behind after undergoing the processing. Another test looks for pesticides, and especially those that California has banned for topicals.

Another critical test is the microbial screening that looks for any harmful microscopic organisms that may still be in the hemp. The heavy metal analysis will look further into the sample for heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury. Lastly, there is a mycotoxin analysis to make sure that there are no mycotoxins that can negatively impact your health. 

Some of their most useful products include stimulating hair and scalp oil, soothing balm, revitalizing body oil, nourishing body cream, and rejuvenating charcoal mask. 

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