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The mission at KOI is consistent in terms of quality standards for every CBD user. Through a strict vendor validation process, the company makes sure that they get the best raw materials for the best CBD products. All the hemp used is from the US, and it is 100% organic. 

Despite the mystery and confusion surrounding CBD, koi always try to make everything simple. Their approach is better prices, better quality, better practices, better days, and better lives. Every batch at the company is traceable for safety, quality, and consistency.

It may seem that most CBD brands forgot to add a bit of a taste to their CBD products, but that is not the case with Koi CBD. They have some incredible flavors such as blue raspberry for CBD vape oil. 

If you’re looking to have a bit of fun in the process of consuming CBD, then you are in the right place with koi CBD. They care about your pain, and the full spectrum oils are quite useful with anxiety, at least according to customer reviews. 


Koi CBD oil emerges at the top of the search results for a good reason. Its effectiveness is quite apparent and especially so for users looking for pain relief, stress relief, and insomnia, among others. They are a transparent company, and they display all the third party results for your benefit. It is always good to know what you’re putting into your body. 

Their vape juice is quite popular, mostly due to its effectiveness. It is multi-functional in that you can vape the oil or consume it orally. The other products include gummies, body lotion, and sprays. 

Their most recent addition to the product line is Koi Naturals CBD. It is a purely sublingual product that is quite effective. The oil comes in sizes of 30ml and 60ml, and you can take it orally or through foods and drinks. 

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