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The company was started by a group of individuals, passionate about the power of CBD. all of them believed that CBD should be available to everyone, without restrictions. The growth and extraction of the hemp follow the strict regulations by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. 

Every batch undergoes third-party testing for quality and consistency. They are in a proud partnership with Hemp Pilot Research Program to ensure that the customers get the best CBD products, both locally and internationally. 

The fact that they only use isolates makes their CBD products some of the purest and safest in the market. Chances of psychoactive elements are at most zero, meaning that you don’t have to worry about drug tests turning positive. The team’s background in expertise quality control, compound extraction methodologies, and vegetable genetics is a rich resource in quality CBD processing.

Kentucky is one of the best places to cultivate hemp, and the CBD concentration is high. 

The Products

All the products from the company use hemp with 0% THC. To be sure, they use CBD isolates. Typically, the CBD oil tinctures are available in three strengths: 500mg, 1000mg, and 3000 mg. The CBD oil is transparent but you may find a bit of murkiness. Regardless, this bright color is the best proof of vigorous processing and filtering for consistency and quality CBD. There are no waxes, plant materials, and other unwanted cannabinoids. 

The CBD oil does not have any taste or smell that may put you off. Before you can purchase the CBD oil, it is vital to check how much CBD concentration is in each. Increase the dosage gradually depending on your body’s reaction and comfort level. 

Apart from pain relief, CBD products are quite useful for joint pain, ADHD, and anxiety. It may take about a week for anxiety and ADHD relief to kick in.

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