Why CBD Oil Does Not Work for Everyone

Reasons Why CBD Oil Does Not Work for Everyone

Reasons Why CBD Oil Does Not Work for Everyone

If you are using CBD oil and enjoying the benefits then you will surely sing the praises of CBD oil. Although numerous examples changed their lives using CBD products few people have a different opinion. Few people are complaining that CBD oil is not working for them and what is the reason? In general, this seems impossible but few factors affect the performance of CBD oil. Let’s discuss a few factors that can help in answering these questions.

Insufficient Dosage of CBD Oil

As a newbie, you can never estimate the perfect dosage that will work well for you. You got to go through the trial and error process to reach the sweet spot. As the person hasn’t used the product, so he would have no idea regarding the reaction or correct dosage of the product. The perfect dosage depends on various factors like metabolism, body weight, the strength of CBD, and how much you take. You need to start slow and gradually increase the dose until you enjoy maximum benefits. If you gradually increase and hold off the initial cravings, you can certainly reach the sweet spot and enjoy the beneficial properties for a longer time. However, if you are hasty, then you might never enjoy and complain regarding the effects of CBD.

Incorrect Strength of CBD

Like different dosages, the strength of CBD is also different. In general, there are three strengths; low, medium, and high. When a person complains about CBD, he or she might be going with low strength CBD when they need medium or high ones. Self-prescription and lack of knowledge can lead you to start thinking that CBD oil never works in your favor. You might be taking a higher dosage but if strength is not right, dosage won’t matter. So, always keep the strength of CBD in mind as well as dosage.

If CBD Stops Working

Some people complain that in the beginning, CBD was working great for them but after one point, they don’t enjoy similar effects. The reason for this is their body gets used to the external cannabidiol and now they consider them as a regular diet. Just like THC, some people build tolerance for it. The same quantity of THC can make a person high but the person with tolerance won’t feel a thing. If you are facing this issue, there are 2 solutions for it.

  • Number 1 is to increase the dosage of CBD oil. When the dosage is increased your body will start to feel the CBD effects again as regular tolerance is disturbed. By re-calibrating the dosage, you can increase the effectiveness of CBD oil.
  • Another solution is to stop consuming CBD for some time. When additional cannabinoids are not fed to the body, the tolerance will start to wear off. After taking a break of 1 to 2 weeks, you will start to enjoy the effects of CBD again.

Recreational Drug Use

If a person is using another drug for recreational activities, they can subside or overpower the effects of CBD. As THC is an intoxicating compound, it can give way to anxiety, disrupting the normal behavior of THC. Under this scenario, some people might complain that their CBD is not working which is not false.

Interactions with Medication

If you are using prescribed medications, there are high chances you won’t feel any of the CBD effects. If you are used to enjoying CBD effects there is a possibility you won’t feel the same when you use medication. If you want to take continue CBD along with medication, you must consult with your doctor first.

CBD Does Not Work – Immune?

If all the factors are not causing the issue, then it is also a possibility that the immune system of individuals is not allowing CBD to work. This is a possibility just like medications don’t work on some individuals. This is plain medical science. In short, these people cannot enjoy CBD benefits due to their natural immune system.

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